School Technology Innovation – Podcast

School Technology Innovation – Podcast

Dr. John Closen and Dr. Lloyd Kilmer

I am pleased to share with you a podcast done with Dr. John P. Closen.  Dr. Closen is an expert in technologies and support systems for the K-12 schools in Central Illinois.    

We addressed the question of, “What were the most significant innovations in the past 10 years for instructional technology and the techniques used to deliver them?  In addition, we discussed which platforms such as laptops, tablets and cell phones seemed to dominate the market and most importantly, which were the best value.  

Finally, we shared thoughts on how parents can deal with the significant mount of screen time that young people are exposed to.  It’s ironic that some of Silicon Valley’s top tech executives enroll their kids in schools with limited amount of technology in the classroom.  Their position, we can monitor the tech at home, at school we want them reading, sharing and being engaged with their teachers and classmates.  

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