One Tiny Home At a Time

One Tiny Home At a Time

What is “Organizational Development?”  It’s catch-all term for the ways that businesses, non-profit organizations, schools and churches work on improving processes and outcomes for their enterprises. These improvements are not typically a one-time intervention.    Many times, the designer or facilitator of the improvements collaborates with other agencies, service providers and companies to look for best practices to recommend to the client.

Many communities are struggling with providing homes for all citizens especially the homeless or housing challenged families.  Agencies like Humility Homes and Services in Davenport are reinventing themselves to adapt to less resources from the Federal, State and City governments to address the problem.  The Faith based charity “180”, headed by CEO Rusty Boruff, has taken on the challenge to build tiny houses (less than 500 square feet).

This past fall the Quad Cities Housing Solutions group hosted a series of focus groups with local bankers, developers, government officials, legal aid, faith groups and recent participants to look for innovative approaches to generating more housing.  Performance Learning consultants provided the structure, facilitation and reporting for these focus groups. As a result of this “synergy,” the 180 tiny home will be built this spring to give the community chance to see how they work in a supportive community.   Thanks to Russell Construction and QC Rotary for their contributions.

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