The traditional college pricing model doesn’t fit today’s marketplace, everyone is hurt by a lack of price transparency!



  • Cannot shop by the price they will be asked to pay
  • Students don’t apply to schools they assume they can’t afford


  • Set sticker prices at twice their average net price
  • Lose up to 40% of possible applicants to sticker shock*

The Solution?

  • Crowdsource a “Kelley Blue Book for College Pricing”
  • Students share need data, merit data, and award letters (EFC from FAFSA, ACT/SAT score, HS GPA, financial aid offer)
  • In exchange for data, students get free access to see offers shared by other students with similar need/merit
  • Potential four-year college applicants need to use this financial service organization to find the right school at the right price.

Contact Dr. Mark Salisbury at TuitionFit for details:
(563) 293-6941

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