Intercultural Development Inventory® – Prep and Admin

Intercultural Development Inventory® – Prep and Admin



School districts and small and large businesses who have a culturally diverse clientele and/or workforce face many challenges in understanding and working with the languages, cultures, social norms and families of these groups.

Performance Learning offers a set of diagnostic tools, training and coaching to move your employees and management team to higher levels of acceptance and understanding.  Our lead consultant Dr. Darlene von Behren and other consultants can assist organizations in their journeys.


The Intercultural Development Inventory®  based on the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity, assesses intercultural developmental competence—the capability to shift cultural perspective and appropriately adapt behavior to cultural differences and commonalities.  The IDI® is a 50-item 5-point Likert scale questionnaire available online that can be completed in 15–20 minutes using a numerical scale.


The IDI® provides individual and group profiles using three scores:  The Perceived Orientation Score, the Developmental (actual) Orientation Score and the difference between the two scores called the Orientation Gap Score.

When used to assess an individual’s level of intercultural competence, a customized Intercultural Development Plan® (IDP) is also prepared for the person.  This IDP provides a detailed blueprint for the individuals  to further develop his/her intercultural competence (click here for a sample IDP report).


Step One
Administer the IDI to groups of employees and six questions can be added to “personalize” the instrument.

Step Two
Generate individual profiles reports which are reviewed with each participant by a trained Administrator.

Step Three
Armed with the Intercultural Development Plans for individuals and groups, such as new teacher hires or new instructional aide hires, training is developed to address needs.  The instructional sequence is approximately ten weeks, one session per week (36 hours).

Step Four
Interviews, focus groups and field experiences provide participants with opportunities to learn from each other and explore new ways of gaining cultural competence.

Step Five
One or two coaching sessions are conducted by trained district personnel or Performance Learning consultants.


Prep and Admin

Preparation and administration of the IDI®

$25 per individual


Consultant travel expenses based on the site.