Cultural Competency for Business

Cultural Competency for Business

As the Quad Cites becomes increasingly diverse, many professionals need development to build cultural competency.  Today’s society requires that everyone possess the skills for dealing with all people.  Performance Learning in Davenport, Iowa, offers a  professional development course in cultural competencies for  businesses across the Quad Cities and surrounding areas.

Cultural Competency for Business

As demographics change in communities across the Quad Cities and surrounding areas, the importance of staff training to enhance care and improve the delivery of culturally appropriate services is undeniable.

Here at Performance Learning, our cultural competency for business training will help you build awareness, knowledge and skills in developing and implementing inclusive and responsive practices through a variety of teaching methods.

Our programs seek to enhance:

  • Understanding of one’s own culture and identity within a larger social structure

  • Awareness and acknowledgment of differences and disparities

  • Knowledge and skills for navigating the dynamics of difference

  • Strategies for building internal cultural competency practices

Here at Performance Learning, we take pride in customizing our trainings for maximum relevancy and effectiveness to meet the needs of our clients across the Quad Cities.  For more details and information, contact us at 563-650-4743.

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