Consulting for Students

consulting for students

The transition of Quad Cities students from high school to post-secondary education can feel like a giant leap.  Academics get harder, learning content needs to be processed faster and more efficiently.  There are new expectations for better quality assignments and papers and increased demands to be independent, responsible and self-motivated.

This is usually the point on the educational journey that separates those students with effective study habits, self-management skills, and learning tools from those without.

  • Consulting & Coaching

    Coaching and consulting for students in the Quad Cities area is provided to students planning for post-secondary education and/or parents wanting to know how to better help their child be a successful learner.

  • For Students & Parents

    Selecting the right school or college is one of the most important decisions a student will ever make.  Finding the right fit, however, can be daunting.  Performance Learning’s professional consulting staff in Davenport, can help ensure that correct choice will enhance and enrich your student’s life and impact their future.

    Our professional consultants have played a vital role in the Quad City community, helping students find the right school or college for their unique academic, social and community needs, and providing hands on guidance in navigating the admissions process.

    Sessions will focus on how to use the Strategic Instruction Model Learning Strategies in the collegiate setting.

  • Why Hire An Independent Educational Consultant?

    • Extensive, first-hand knowledge of schools, colleges, programs and their requirements.
    • Ability to be available to meet family schedules, not just during traditional school hours.
    • Ability to provide exclusive attention, unburdened by other duties as assigned.
    • Knowledge and experience with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and other conditions.
    • Commitment to ensuring that each client thrives in their pursuit of higher education.
    • The ability to utilize other in-house professionals as needed to make the selection process thorough and seamless.

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    Students are interviewed and take a few basic diagnostic tests.  A game plan for the student is developed and monitored by the instructor, both in person and online.


    An ongoing online dialogue between the student and instructor about how to apply the game plan and strategies in the classroom.


    The student and instructor determine if the newly acquired skill set is working. If more guidance is needed, we set up periodic refreshers to ensure success!

Coming Soon!

In the future, Performance Learning plans to also offer the WorkKeys assessment from ACT for high school and college students across the Quad Cities and surrounding areas.  This assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses in workplace skill areas such as reading for information and applied math, and can be used to compare your student profile with hundreds of profiled jobs in business, industry and healthcare.

Finding the right school or college is one of the most important decisions your family will make with your child.  Rather than focusing on just the content, Performance Learning’s Educational Coaches support students in becoming lifelong learners.  This gives the student tools and strategies to use throughout their academic career and beyond.

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