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Mindfulness and Yoga in the Classroom

A shortage of wellness might manifest in a variety of ways in the classroom:

  • Inattention
  • Anxiety
  • Academic challenges
  • Interpersonal difficulties
  • And a host of other issues that affect classroom management and student learning
  • Using mindfulness and yoga in schools across the Quad Cities and surrounding areas can help!

    Incorporating yoga and mindfulness meditation into the classroom doesn’t come at the expense of academic lessons.  In fact, even in brief 5–10 minute intervals, these approaches can be used as a classroom management strategy to engage student energy and enhance those tricky transitions that often divert so much time away from student learning.

  • By embedding just a few minutes of yoga into the daily classroom routine, Quad Cities educators can:

    • Create a safe and positive classroom environment
    • Improve the holistic health of their students (and themselves!)
    • Nurture the connection between student achievement and wellness
    • Encourage long-term, sustainable physical and emotional health
  • The practice of yoga and mindfulness in schools educates the whole child

    Here at Performance Learning in Davenport, Iowa our consultant Lindsay Meeker is prepared to provide training in a variety of mindfulness applications in your school.  She is capable of training classroom teachers, physical education teachers and any other staff member in the Quad Cities school system, in simple and non-intrusive techniques in yoga and meditation.

“I can see the benefits in promoting yoga as a lifetime fitness option.  Our students can really enjoy getting in tune with their minds and bodies as a whole as opposed to separate entities.”

– Anne Kelly; Health and PE K-5, Pittsburgh Public Schools

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