Alaska Collaborator

Alaska Collaborator

On a recent wonderful Viking River Cruise, we had the opportunity to meet many interesting people.   On this cruise on the Rhine River in Germany and France, there were many educators among the passengers.   Conversations with Phyllis Adams and her husband, Kent, revealed many commonalities.   Phyllis was an elementary school teacher in Alaska and Georgie taught elementary and special education in Iowa and Illinois. Our business focuses on intercultural competency and Phyllis is from an indigenous tribe in Alaska (Athabascan.) She has wide experience in the culture, family practices and storytelling of her tribe.


Along with soaking up the culture and relaxing with the cruise experience, Georgie and I were seeking experiences and information about our two families who immigrated from the Palatine (the area between France and Germany). 

There was lively discussion of the challenges our families faced through the ages. This is one of the best things about a cruise, as you get to know your shipmates and their stories.   

Phyllis has published two children’s books drawing on her family stories.   They are available for sale through her website.

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