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Private Tutoring in the Quad Cities 

Performance Learning is an after-school tutoring center located in the Davenport, Quad Cities, and created by two former classroom teachers.  Providing the area with one-on-one private tutoring, small group and large group instruction, and academic and professional support since 2015.

Here at Performance Learning, we are well-known throughout the Quad Cities and surrounding areas for supporting students of ALL levels and abilities.  Our private tutoring services support children from kindergarten through entrance into college, in public or private school, homeschooled or a traveling military family.

Our private tutors focus on:

  • Test Preparation – Our private tutors focus on developing specific skills and strategies for successful test taking in all subject areas.
  • Specific Trouble Areas – Unlike tutoring centers that focus on one subject or one set of skills – at Performance Learning, our tutors pay attention to the whole student, and adapt the curriculum as your child’s needs change.  We zero in on content areas as needed (math, language arts, etc.) while teaching students how to study and how to be organized helping to relieve anxieties.
  • Differentiated Learning Styles – If your child is a special needs learner, has ADD/ADHD, or Dyslexia, a tutor will implement a personalized strategy that results in success.
  • Individualized Attention – We offer a level of personal attention that other tutoring centers cannot.  The student-to-tutor ratio is determined by you; the parent.  Private, semi-private and group tutoring sessions are available.
  • One-on-One Tutoring

    At Performance Learning, our parents have confidence knowing that our private tutors in the Quad Cities are monitoring their child’s work and communicating with them.  Providing a One-on-One tutoring experience students need to reach their highest potential and succeed in the ever changing school environment is the key.

  • Tutors for Homeschooling

    It can be difficult for parents of homeschooled students in the Quad Cities to find both the teaching time and necessary academic resources to ensure a high-quality learning program.  Many parents turn to homeschool tutors whose presence not only ease the workload for the parents, but can also expose the student to other styles of teaching.

    A Performance Learning homeschool tutor can expose your homeschooler to novel methods of teaching and provide them with the opportunity to explore different interpretations of the material.  Our homeschool tutors have extensive knowledge and experience working with students and can assist you in teaching hard-to-grasp concepts to your child.  They can also assist you in teaching the material that you may not be particularly strong in or don’t feel comfortable teaching yourself.

  • Tutors for Military Families

    We hear often from military families across the Quad Cities about the challenges their children face when moving.  Children may struggle with saying goodbye to old friends, adjusting to new routines and fitting in as the new kid.  It can be especially difficult for families when a move leads to academic problems.

    Different school districts and states may have varying curricula, standards and requirements, which can present roadblocks to transitioning military kids and their families.  Don’t let a move keep your family members from reaching their education goals.  Keep military kids moving forward in their education, even when they’re moving all over the world by hiring a private tutor.

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Group Tutoring

Small group tutoring (and large group tutoring) in the Quad Cities is offered through course format.  Each course provides descriptions of the strategy or strategies being offered and what types of students those specific instructional strategies would benefit.

Our private tutors will help your child:

  • Learn Concepts

    • Review class instruction
    • Clarify key concepts
    • Acquire active learning strategies
    • Utilize multiple modalities and imagery
  • Develop Academic and Study Skills

    • Organize schoolwork and study materials
    • Keep track of upcoming assignments
    • Hone test-taking, reading, and writing skills
    • Strengthen time-management skills
  • Improve Grades

    • Complete homework neatly and on time
    • Prepare for tests and quizzes
    • Improve overall school performance and motivation
    • Learn to set academic goals

“Georgie Koenig was a wonderful tutor at Performance Learning.  My son was having a very hard time in 5th grade and his Language Arts and Reading Comprehension grades were suffering.  For Language Arts, he was initially at a C+ for First Quarter and ended up at an A- by Fourth Quater.  His Reading went from a B- to a B+.  Considering the fact that he struggles with ADHD, it was a good victory.  We have Georgie at Performance Learning to thank for that.  She gave him extra lessons and went far beyond a regular tutor so that he could feel confident going into a class or take a test. 

Thank you Georgie!”  — A Very Grateful Mom

Put your child on the path to academic success today.  Contact us at Performance Learning in Davenport, Quad Cites to learn more about our tutoring capabilities and get your child started on the path of academic success.

Scroll through these book reviews! More to come..

Young Reviewers

Whether an Amazon shopper or Trip Advisor follower, Americans love to check reviews before they make buying decisions.  Our students at Performance Learning have learned to write reviews about the books they read as part of their instruction.   We ask them to develop reviews on the books they most enjoy to share their opinions with other students and parents.   

These two young men tapped into their personal interests in hockey and the law to complete these reviews on the Theodore Boone series by John Grisham and “Backup Goalie” by Jake Maddox.  They have gone on to read multiple titles in these series, much to the delight of their parents.  

Backup Goalie by Jake M.
Review by J.M.P., age 10

Backup Goalie is a book about a hockey team that has a girl on it. The coach tells her she can’t play, and then the goalie gets hurt. Finally, she gets her turn to be a goalie.

Jill played on the team last year, but now the new rule says girls can’t play on the boys team. When the goalie gets hurt, Jill gets to play goalie because she has experience from last year. She finally gets to play on the team because rule 7 says if there are not a girls’ team girls can play on the boys team.

I like the book because I play hockey. The book is all about hockey. The author was accurate in describing the game of hockey. It kept my interest because the book had a lot of action.

Kids who might like this book are those who may play hockey or are interested in hockey. Kids 7 to 12-year-old would like this book.

I’ll give this book a five-star rating. It’s fun and entertaining. Plus, it teaches you about hockey.

Written by V.P.
Grade 6
Book Review
Theodore Boone Series May 8th, 2018
Do you love a great book? Are you interested in mystery and comedy? Well the Theodore Boone series by John Grisham are the books for you. The first book in the series, ​Kid Lawyer​ is an amazing combination of comedy, facts about the law, mystery and suspense. This amazing book will get you hooked in for hours.
The next book in the series is ​The Abduction.​ This book is about Theo’s best friend getting “kidnapped”. As always this book is overflowing with mystery, suspense, and some comedy.
Along with ​The Abduction​ and ​The Kid Lawyer​ you should read the next book named The Activist.​ So for this book how would you feel if the house you’ve been living in is going to be plowed down just for a bunch of useless roads? You would probably feel hatred and frustration towards the decision to put in roads. Well, you are in the same boat as one of Theo’s friends whose house will be plowed down because of some useless roads.
The second to last book is called ​The Fugitive.​ Let’s say your going on vacation and you see a wanted criminal. Most likely, you would report your sighting to an FBI agent. This book is personally my favorite in the entire series.
The last book in the series is honestly the funniest. Imagine you are in school taking those boring standardized tests and then you discover… Read more to find out! I recommend these books to you because they are one of the best series I have ever read. I give this series for boys and girls ages 11-14 years old 5 stars.


Reviewed by M.K.

This book is about a boy and a dog who survived a tornado. Tornado is a very lucky dog and he’s very smart. After the tornado hits the boy finds the dog in his doghouse. He names the dog Tornado.

At the end of the book, the boy goes to town with the dog in the truck. Then a girl sees her lost dog in the truck. She runs and tells her dad that she found her long-lost dog, named Buddy. By this time, Peter’s dad sees her and asked, “what are you looking for?”

She said, “you have found my dog, and it’s in the back of your truck. The girl is happy to see her dog again. Tornado goes off with the girl. If you want to find out the rest of the story then read it yourself.

My favorite part is how the dog got out of the tornado and still lived another day. Second and 5th graders would like this book. I give the book five stars.