One-on-One Student Tutoring

One-on-One Student Tutoring




Our Method

The overarching goal of the Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) Learning Strategies is to create independent learners through improving students’ skills and ability to learn the content.  There are varied reasons why students perform poorly in school.  Quite often, the reason is the student simply doesn’t know how to be a successful student—how to learn.

Skill Strands

The curriculum is divided into strands, or categories of skills.

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Study Skills
  • Mindfulness (anxiety reduction)

These strategies form the foundation for the content for individual tutoring and group classes.  They are layered over time to provide the student with the best supports—or strategies used to better process the demands of the classroom, socially and intellectually—no matter the age.

How It Works


We start by first engaging the student, diagnosing their learning issues and involving them in the course work.  We offer several time slots on Saturdays to meet with an instructor and create a tutoring plan for your student.


Once the student is ready, we then teach the student how to learn, how to use reading strategies and how to successfully deal with the content in school courses.  These private tutoring sessions take place Monday and Thursday evenings.


With a whole new set of tools to use and the confidence to succeed, the student applies what they have learned through Performance Learning to real-world learning.


One-on-One Student Tutoring is for ages K through College.

Private tutoring sessions in the Quad Cities are customized based on diagnostic assessments and parent and student input.  A customized tutoring plan is mutually agreed upon between the instructor and parent during your first Satuday session.  Parents receive a weekly update on their child’s progress.



  • The one-hour or 40-minute sessions are held 1 – 2 times per week, Mondays & Thursday evenings
  • Tutoring will usually last 2-4 months.
  • NOTE:  The number of sessions is determined by the instructor based on the diagnostic information collected (typically 10-15 sessions).

Private tutoring sessions can be added individually as well.

Additional information


$30 – 40 minutes, $45 – 60 minutes