From Our Customers

From Our Customers

The staff at Performance Learning is committed to providing expert, compassionate service to our clients.   They come to us many times struggling with learning issues, and occasionally with unique problems

One of our first graders experienced the challenge of a father who is from India (with one language), a mother from China (with another language) and is being taught English at school.  Here is what his mother had to say in her words about his experience this past year.

Georgie started tutoring my 2nd grade son from approx. Aug. 2015 – Sep. 2016.  The immediate thing that impress me was her experience as a former teacher.  She knows how to teach and potential pitfall.  She has detail plan for every lesson.  At the beginning of each class, she’ll let my son knows what they will do that class and send me the class plan and feedback afterward.  Georgie also accommodate to my son’s need.  She worked with my son on similar pronounced words (i,e,, letter-later), kept a detail log and traced the performance until it reached satisfied level.

Georgie also kept a detailed log on all performance and traced them.  On reading, she will count the number of words read, number of correct words read, etc.,and evaluate my son periodically.  On writing, she noted the opening and closing sentences, # of sentences, # of words each sentences, capital and period.

Georgie is kind.  My son is always very enthusiastic to go to her class.  And he would come home and told me the books he read, how to write an article, etc.

My son was very fortunate to have Georgie as his tutor.  If I was not moving Georgie would remain as my son’s tutor.  She is truly an awesome teacher!