Summertime Reading = School Success!!!

Summertime Reading = School Success!!!

Hi There Parents,

Are you wondering how in the world to keep up with your child’s need to read this summer?  Well, here are a few tips to try over the summer months:

1. Why not enroll your child in the summer reading program offered at many of the public libraries this summer?  Your child will keep up on their need to read, as well as earn prizes for the books they complete, and you as a parent can even join the adult reading program and win prizes too!

2. Are you confused or ever wondered if the book your child chooses is too easy or too difficult for them?  Here is a tip to try the next time your child is choosing a book to read:  Have them read a page from the book they choose and every time they come to a word they do not know put one finger up.  When they get to the bottom of the page if they have ALL 5 fingers up, the book is too challenging for them.  If they have no fingers up or just one, that book is very easy for them; if they have 2-3 fingers ups, then that book is a “just right” reading level for them.  Still not sure?? Try the same strategy on the next page too.

3. When riding in the car this summer to the pool or a fun outing, why not play a reading game in the car while traveling to your destination.  Challenge your child to find signs of various places along the way with I SPY.  I spy a sign with the name of a restaurant or store that they have to look for and read the sign to you.

4. What about having your child read the closed captioning on one of their favorite TV programs with the sound off?

5. Make sure to pick books and themes your child is truly interested in!  If they love what they are reading they will want to do it more and more!  For example:  If your child loves comics or magazines or building, look for literature on these topics.  If they enjoy cooking – have them read or look for recipes to make them involved in reading the ingredients and steps to follow.

A summer full of reading (even just 15-20 min each day)= Success in School= Success in Life!!!

Liz O’Hern